To strengthen the professional life of the Technicians working in the Ceylon Electricity Board which illuminates the whole nation and to generate a unique technologist to the country.


To give pre-eminence to the Technician of the Ceylon Electricity Board, to appraise his identity and his service to the entire nation preserving his professional esteem and to bestow him a higher acceptance in the society.

President of CEBTU


From Begining to this day...

  • 1993 Established
  • 2831 Members
  • 37 Staff
  • 551 Work Stations
  • 28 Groups
  • 5 Completed Events

About Us

Our Policies

01. Continuing as a democratic and prigressive Trade Union honouring all ideas and proposals

02. Protecting the esteem and identity of the technician within the C.E.B. which is a Technical Institute.

03. Working with the existing government peacefully, without geting involved in any political party, in order to win the prodesional rights.

04. Maintaining the concept that all functions of the technical section of the CEB should be performed by the Technician and objecting to handing over of the same to the private sector.

05. Appearing for and opposing the injustices done to the Technician by the Supplies Divisions and Officers of the CEB.

06.Strongly opposing if and when old Technicians are subject toinjustie at time when new Technicians are recruited by the CEB.

07. Speaking up if and when Technicians are reruited to the CEB without adhering to the circulars and proper methods of recruitment.

08. Opposing if and when Technicians are recruited to the CEB on man-power, daily-paid or contract basis.